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Home Interior

Capital R has a number of home interior solutions. We can make old countertops look like new formica, granite or marble. We can also beautify interior concrete floors in basements, entry ways, porches, stairways and more!

Acid Staining has become a popular choice for unsealed troweled smooth concrete in basements, bar areas, restaruants, coffee shops and more.

Basement flooring can be a difficult decision. If you put carpet down, can you trust that the basement won’t flood and ruin the carpet? We have a great solution for you. Capital R can coat your basement floor with an epoxy system or acrylic topcoat system to make it beautiful, easy to clean, and long lasting. Plus if the basement does flood the flooring will not be damaged. We can make tile patterns, stone finishes, acid stain looks and many more. Need ideas? Check out our work: